Sunday, November 1, 2009

Cyclist Killers

I am furious. I am so furious I feel SICK. Yesterday some complete BITCH hit Josh in her stupid car while he was riding home from work. She was weaving between lanes without signalling and when he tried to get past her she suddenly turned into his lane and HIT HIM. He's got this bloody awful graze and all this bruising everywhere. God damn but he's lucky he braced himself against the car so he didn't go right down. She gave him her number and said she would pay for any damage to his bike and if he had any injuries, but he's called today and now they're saying they're denying any damage. BITCH BITCH BITCH.
It chills me to think of anything happening to Josh. What would Wolf and I do without him? Dangerous bloody drivers. So many don't care about cyclists, never think about us, don't care if they hit us! God damn it. Cycling is the transport of the future. Sustainable, environmentally friendly, great for health and fitness. God damned callous drivers. I hope she and her car go under a semi-trailer and get dragged all the way down Ballarat road until they resemble nothing but a bloody smear. There, I said it. I'm sorry to be so violent but I am so angry!
Luckily the police can enforce people like this to give up the rest of their details. Plus Josh's dear brother is a cop. But God damn if I ever meet that woman she is going to be lucky to leave with her face.

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