Saturday, November 21, 2009

3 things that have made me happy recently

1. Buying cheap ripe fruit at the market and turning them 
into tasty things

2. Spending less than usual on our weekly market shop

3. Taking a shower without first having to forewarn Josh and co-ordinate it amongst our other concerns of feeding, cooking, cleaning, distracting and playing with Wolf and finally going to the toilet.

I'm pretty sure this list used to include things like going out with friends, shopping for clothes, a nice meal out and sex. Actually I could add sex to the list, but all of a sudden that seems so crass. Where did that girl go who used to have no boundaries in terms of conversation topics? Mum, if you're reading this and feeling squeamish, how do you suppose I came to have Wolf?
Oh how times have changed. In with domestic bliss, out with the youthful shenanigans. Hello adulthood. Next week I turn 24.
Hey look at this cake. Wouldn't you feel a little bad cutting into it? It'd expect it to bark or something.

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