Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I LOVE Threadless. My mother-in-law got me into it. She bought Wolfgang some adorable suits from there, and now that my 4 1/2 month old has mysteriously grown out of all his size 00 suits, I had to get him some more. The designs are just fantastic. Always something different and new and always something on sale! I got these 5 suits for US$60. Now that the exchange rate is so good, buying stuff from the US doesn't hurt anymore! Their range of kids t-shirts is so awesome too. I plan to kit Wolf out in this stuff for the forseeable future! And everything on super nice American Apparel clothes. I love the light coloured one with the sparrow leaving home. Very gorgeous design. All these talented illustrators and designers! The yellow one is very cool. It's called 'Dandy Lions' by Kristen Howdeshell. They're lion heads done in a nice retro cartoon style on long stalks. Dandylions. So cute.

Also, sorry about the diatribe from the last post. I'm generally incredibly over-protective of my family, and when they're crossed, I get very angry. Cycling is generally dangerous. I remember once nearly getting hit head on by a truck turning right while I was crossing an intersection on my bike. He just wasn't looking, I was the last in a line of cars and he was just gunning to get across. It wasn't even busy, 7 O'clock in the morning on Chapel Street! I avoided him by centimetres as he braked hard and ducked onto the footpath without coming off my bike. I didn't stop. I was so scared I just had to keep going or I would freak out.
But shopping makes it all better. And cooking. I can't believe yesterday morning I got up and said 'I'm going to make banana muffins for breakfast.' I must be crazy. Three square meals a day for my Josh. It's a wonder that man isn't totally obese. I would still love him if he was. Honest.

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