Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday morning market shopping

Every Friday morning the three of us head to Victoria Market to do our weekly shop. We always get our fruit and veg at the self-serve place closest to the deli entrance. As I was selecting a red capsicum from the pile, an middle-aged lady sidled up and began sorting through them too. I picked up a large one and felt something rolling around inside it. It could have been one of those weird Siamese min-capsicums you occasionally find inside, or a dislodged core or a worm rolled up tight. But this doesn't happen very often, so really the best way to tell a good capsicum is just by looking at it and feeling it. But I gave it a few serious shakes anyway and set it back down on the pile. The woman next to me, after a moment, rattled the one in her hand, and did so with all the subsequent ones she selected. I think now and forevermore she may test her capsicums by rattling them. This is possibly how old wives tales are born.

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