Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mothers' Group

So of all the girls that turned up to the first mother's group, I had the oldest baby. The oldest, loudest, poopiest, wriggliest and fussiest of them all. Given that most of the other babies were between 5 and 9 weeks, it's no surprise. Their little darlings were dozy and tiny. My chubby bub kept popping out of his skeleton print onsie (damn weak Cotton On Kids snap buttons). And I couldn't sit down, because he was sleepy and doesn't just need cuddling, but also bouncing, rocking and swaying to get him down for a daytime nap. I think I was also the youngest. I was certainly the most flustered, talking in that mile-a-minute way I always seem to when in a group of new people.

But mother's groups really are an awesome service. I wish I'd gone to the first group I was initially offered. I was too bloody disorganised to get out of the house then. But they really ask and answer all those weird questions that you're quietly mulling over in your head at home, wondering why that perfect mothering instinct hasn't kicked in like it's supposed to. Like if it's normal for your baby to beat the hell out of your boob and push away from it when he is extremely hungry. Or if they're supposed to make those weird faces when they're trying to do a poop. And it seems like there are a lot of common experiences that haven't been worth putting in baby books. Like how husbands and partners always think the baby is hungry so pass them to you even though they just fed half an hour ago. Or that breastfeeding in public is insanely nerve wracking and even though in Australia it is legal to breastfeed anywhere, anytime, that we feel like we are committing some sort of crime by doing it. If you're a new mum and considering skipping mother's group, DON'T DO IT. It is so worth knowing that you aren't a basket case all on your own. Plus you learn fun facts like how the average age for a child to be breastfed til is 4 years. Wow. Fancy popping in to visit your little one at kinder for a quick lunch.

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