Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Food Files

You know where isn't a great place to take your baby and his pram? An Asian hawker restaurant. Namely Laksa King, also in the Newmarket area of Flemington. As many tables and rickety fold out chairs as possible jammed into a narrow glass box in a dingy old shopping arcade. Brusque service staff that stare as you try to manouvre your heavy duty wheels through the door and past many full tables. Loud open kitchen. Patrons who glance at your child dismissively because his lack of a full head of hair clearly indicates that he isn't 100% Chinese. But my mum insisted we go there. She had a killer craving for Laksa. Admittedly it is the best Laksa you're going to get anywhere out of South East Asia. Creamy, fragrant soup; two types of noodles, generous amounts of tofu, seafood and veggies. But for the love of God don't bring your pram with you. Bad enough that I eat like a pig.

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