Monday, September 21, 2009

Kiddie Kitchen

Have you seen this children's play kitchen from IKEA? It's only $169 and it's so stylish and cute! I can't wait to get one of these for Wolf. Yes I know I can't push him into career choices this early. But there's no reason that Wolf as a toddler wouldn't want to play like mummy in the kitchen. Wouldn't it be cool if a real knife company like Mundial or Global came out with toy plastic ones (blunt obviously)?
Did anyone live in the age of those 'easy-bake ovens'? Did they really work?
This IKEA kitchen is a miniature of one of the ready built pieces that they have in grown up size. Quite realistic looking and in neutral colours that won't clash with the decor. There's an extra microwave oven attachment you can get as well. Man, our apartment is going to look like a bloody IKEA catalogue if we're not careful. Except for the formica table. That shakes things up good. And all the creepy looking toys. Hm, maybe it will just balance things out.


  1. hmmm... don't know about kids playing with ovens at such a young age.

    Well I suppose they're all waving around toy machine guns and the likes so why the hell not.

  2. We have toy guns in our cupboard



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