Wednesday, January 27, 2010

First time back on the bike

There I am on my beloved horribly garish pink fixie. Showing a lot of bum crack. I mean woah. I'm not sure I see that much of my own arse on a regular basis. It's been a year since I've ridden but it all came back nicely, which is surprising, because I have this appalling sense of balance. My step-ish-father maintains this fact. He did try to teach me how to ride my motorcycle. I think it was just too heavy. Anyway, I do hope I don't show this much arse riding to work on Monday, or I suspect I will quickly become some sort of cycling urban legend. The fat mum on a pink fixed gear. Something a bit ruder than that I'm sure. I'd ride a more normal type of bike to spare myself the ridicule from the painfully cool culture that comes with them, but they're just so much more efficient and easy to use. I used to like that cool culture. But it consists of too many skinny boys. Now I want to go incognito.  Urgh. At least I'll start losing the baby weight again. Yay! I need to lose the 10 kg that I gained. Anyway, I just need to keep looking at this photo to psyche myself up. Thanks to Josh for capturing it from our bedroom window. You really know how to get my good side.

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