Saturday, January 9, 2010

Corky Goodies

A few days ago Josh, Wolf and I made a rare trip to the Flinders Lane shops, to have a sticky-beak at our old haunts, but mostly to drop in on Godfather Louis at Corky Saint Claire. It was very impressive to see Louis manning the shop on his own while his boss is on holiday! So professional and courteous; it's lovely seeing friends in their professional element, like a whole side of them you never knew. A bloody lot of people visited the store and in the end it seemed like someone always bought something. Josh and I walked Wolf around the store and saw so many things we wanted! The lovely woodland creature motifs are irresistible. They have some owl, bunny and squirrel shaped lamps that we're saving up to get for Wolf's bedroom. And possibly one for our own.

What we did get was this beautiful hummingbird mobile. It's light, delicate and very pretty. I'm always so impressed by people making mobiles like this and having each arm perfectly balanced. Wolf already has three mobiles in his room so we thought we'd put this in the lounge, in front of The Lark's 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster. The metal birds themselves are so beautifully articulated.

The craftsmanship at Corky is always marvellous. From the jewelry, to home wares, to apparel, it's just enchanting stuff! Another special surprise of the day, Louis had kept my birthday present waiting for me. His, annoyingly, arrived via air mail the day after our visit.

Lovely Louis read my post about the rain cloud necklace and got it for me for my birthday! What a doll. What a thoughtful friend. I can't wait to wear this out. It's really stunning; there's something about the shape that is so pleasing. It's very light too. Thank you Louis.


  1. ach you're too kind Em. Sorry, I'm really behind in my blog reading. Also I quite like the idea of keeping calm and carrying on.

  2. It's actually very useful. When Wolf was having a tantrum or biting me I'd just look up at that posted and feel all right.
    Josh has a t-shirt that says 'Now Panic and Freak out' on it with the crown upside down though..



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