Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dad Candy

You're going to call me a nerd-burger, I know. I'm totally pathetic. But I can't resist an awesome daddy-offspring picture.
Plus, it's a sign for changing times. If we were falling into a pit of self-indulgent sort of 'me me me!' attitude to life, where career and pleasure had to come before having a family, then these pictures can only be evidence of change! We can do both!

I mean, Anthony Bourdain. Drinking, smoking, travelling and typical cheffy bad language. Now super dad to Ariane. He quit smoking! If you've ever read his books or watched his show No Reservations, then you know that's amazing.
Also, popular actor Cam Gigandet. Generally I don't like his stuff much. Always some sort of broody, snarly, muscular, occasionally blood-thirsty villain. I thought it was just as well that they gave him a role in Twilight that resulted in his head being ripped off (hence no repeat appearances). But look at this. Admittedly I found it on Celebrity Baby Scoop. Yes, yes, pathetic. But it's Sunday morning. I'm feeling sort of sappy and bored. And this is in lieu of chocolate, because there doesn't seem to be any in the apartment.

Slings are great. They make toting a baby around look effortless. Her name is Everleigh Rae! Yes he comes off as a massive twat but look at that. Excellent daddy-daughter picture. I just wanted to share that with you. Now I'm going to toddle off and hide my red face.

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  1. Hey Emma, I am going to be opening a cafe soon (eek), got the coffee sorted but struggling to find the best cake-maker. I know this is your area and wondered if you have any advice on how I can find someone great?? If so pls drop me a line allison @

    Hilarious post, by the way! xxxxx



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