Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ben and Jerry's is here!

I have good news, particularly for my mother's group friends living in the vicinity of the Edgewater shops. Ben and Jerry's is here! Sure, it got prime time news coverage and everything, but where was the evidence that it had really happened? What is it about these American foodstuffs that make us go so crazy? From Reeces pieces (my dad used to keep a bag in his glove compartment) to Krispy Kreme donuts (remember the huge lines when they first opened?) there is something about shiny American food that is appallingly appealing. I'm guilty. I've used Junior Mint boxes as bookmarks. We first tried Krispy Kreme in London at Selfridges. A very attractive and charismatic black guy called us over and gave us samples. We may have talked about him for the rest of the trip. We're weird like that.
Anyway, Gavriel's Deli in Edgewater, is now a retail stockist of Ben & Jerry's take home and mini tubs! I just picked up a pint of Chunky Monkey this afternoon. Nice surprise for Josh. He doesn't deserve it after putting that hole in the wall that required the electrician to come and re-wire our hot water system, but I'm kind and generous to a fault. Yes, I hear you laughing. You all know it's not true. Admittedly he has already been punished. I have creepily perfect aim when I'm angry, and I managed to pin a clothes peg to his nipple through his t-shirt without really trying. Emma - 1, Josh - 0. I'm supposed to be talking about ice-cream. To find your own local stockist of Ben & Jerry's, there is a website with a list of every store, and there seem to be a decent number so it shouldn't be hard for you to find a very convenient local.
Currently Gavriel's is out of stock of their larger tubs, but they have a huge supply of mini tubs and a good range of flavours. Next week they get their Ben & Jerry's fridge and plan to order the full flavour range available in Australia!
This is possibly the best news about living here that I've heard since we moved. Not even my neighbours leaving an empty pram at the bottom of the stairwell and letting their children run around shirtless wielding electric fan bases and rocks can ruin my happy glow.

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