Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things that happen when you're not watching baby

Usually these things are bad. Very bad. Like finding Wolf had made it into our bedroom and fallen into a box full of scarves and hats. Or Wolf trying to pry open the nappy bin to see what the smell was all about.
However after he performed his miraculous Speedy Gonzales act disappearing from underneath my feet, I could hear this strange plastic rattling and rolling coming from his room. I freaked out and ran in, thinking he might be trying to attack the air conditioner again only to find that he had re-discovered his Christmas present from his paternal Grandparents.

You put the plastic balls through the circular openings at the top and they roll down the tail or neck or through the 'stomach'. 4 months of putting the balls through the chutes to show him how it was done. Usually he got bored or watching that and tried to climb the dinosaur and eat the birds on top. It's not very stable, so it was put away in a corner in his room. He actually had to shove a bouncing donkey (we have weird toys I know) out of the way and pull the dino out of the corner and turn it around. He even found the matching balls and began to play all on his own. When I came in he just looked at me,  smiled and kept playing!

Amazing. These milestones are so amazing. He does it all himself. 
I love being a mum! It's better than anything else in this entire World. 
This has really made all the stresses of the week seem like nothing. Feeling like I can't live up to my previous standard of work anymore. Trying to make things easier for people in the long run but still feeling as though I'm constantly the source of all problems. Trying to make time to see specialists. Having simultaneous epiphanies about future plans and crises over money and relationships. 

These things still have to be dealt with, but who wants to feel depressed when you have an awesome baby doing brilliant things all by himself! We made him from scratch. But he deserves all the credit.


  1. Congratulations! It is brilliant when they start doing all these things and discovering the world around.....lovely x

  2. Thanks Katy! I feel so proud but also kind of humbled.

  3. I love this post. Love it! I can totally imagine your pride and joy. I felt a bit like this yesterday when my 6 year old boy told me all about where things come from - paper, wool, tin foil and such. We've talked about these things over the years as they've come up, tried to teach him without much apparent success, but now it's like it has suddenly all come together in his head and he has thought about it all and worked it out for himself! Being a parent is the greatest, it keeps you going even when everything else is tough. x

  4. Aw Allison that's so awesome! Gosh he's clever. I don't think I knew where anything came from when I was 6. Good work from you teaching him all those things. You're absolutely right, being a parent brings my head back to the right place. Job crisis, moving crisis, self-esteem crisis, but then I look at Wolf and go Wow! You're an amazing little thing. And then I remember that it's all for him, and things become clear!

  5. Hey Emma,
    Haven't had look on here for a while but yay I have now, and what a cool post. So very heart-warming in the least cheesiest way it ever possible for 'heart-warming' to be used in a non-cheesy way? BUT anyway just wanted to say that man, I feel like I am missing out on all this stuff because OK I know I haven't seen you for years and if I was in the country don't really know if we'd hang around etc...but I still feel like I have some kind of a feeling like I dunno, is it pride? Its cool. I knew you when you were young so maybe its like little seeing a little Emma?? GOD I am being so weird today, just ignore the weirdness and get the meaning lol. Basically, was a happy post, and even though I know he doesn't know me, and Josh doesn't even know me and you haven't seen me for years, still feel some sense of awwww-ness. Geez.
    Anyway, hope everything is going along OK,

    P.S. Yes I have a habit of signing off blog comments like letters, I just can't help it!



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