Thursday, May 20, 2010

Reasons to go raid the Korean Grocery Store

Last week I wandered into the Korean Grocery Store that's opposite Queen Victoria Market (The one on the opposite side of Victoria Parade, not the one on the other side of Elizabeth Street). Fantastic baby goods find!

They're clips you use with your stroller to keep a blanket over your baby's lap. I've needed something like this so badly, because on our second stroller it doesn't have a foot muff or anything, but it's the one I run Wolf around in the most. Wolf loves kicking blankets off and then watching as I roll over it. They were $10.50 in the random household goods section of the grocery store. Awesome!
I love Korean grocery stores and I love IGAs! Maybe I should like quit being a cook and open some random corner store? 'Cept I wouldn't be able to help myself adding like a coffee machine and a zillion in-dining options. Someday someday.


  1. Come to Daylesford and open the best-ever corner store! xx

  2. I would love to!!!
    It would have to have shelves up to the ceiling to hold all the goods I'd want to sell...
    I think I'm gonna spend Wolf's naptime drawing theoretical plans..



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