Saturday, May 8, 2010

Food nerds and lemons

OK. So I'm a huge Masterchef fan. But anticipation for Julie Goodwin's cookbook waned pretty quickly when she kept appearing in those Glad ads. They're really weird. A not-quite-right attempt at facsimile of Australian family life. Wouldn't she get really mad if they started tossing her food around like a soccer ball? Where's the bickering? Where are the disasters and accidents? Too many rictus grins. Anyway I don't know. I probably spend too much time puzzling over advertisements. 

Still I can't believe that upon it's release it appeared in one of those random product bins they have in post offices where you line up. And it was only $30. Pretty cheap for a full-colour photo cook-book with nice binding and all that. Still it's supposed to be peddled to the masses. It's surprisingly good, full of pretty easy and obvious family recipes. Even Josh might be able to learn to cook from it. The section on cooking when camping is particularly good, because I can't remember a single school camping trip we ever did that had good food. Camp-fire roast pork! Nice. If I ever get over my hatred for waking up outside without the option of a shower or an actual toilet seat, I might let Josh drag Wolf and I out camping.
I tried out her lemon butter recipe and it's actually quite good. 

After making litres and litres of lemon curd every week at the patisserie, a curd recipe that has only four ingredients and only takes 25 minutes to make is pretty refreshing. I remember the time I put twice as much gelatine as my master's recipe required and it came out like rubber. The flavour of Julie's lemon butter is nice and tart with a smooth finish; not too egg, sugary or grainy like so many other recipes out there. It contains only lemon juice, eggs, sugar and butter but still has a firm but spreadable texture. 
I made some butter cookies sandwiched with curd for my mum! Something nice for her to have while she babysits Wolf for me. Thanks mum!

Tomorrow will be my first mother's day too. However I will be working and am anticipating a day full of sniping remarks and general ill feeling from my bosses. I've been pretty run-down the last month and have suffered illness after illness, meaning that I've had to duck out of my two days of work a few times. Not very good for my overall record. I do feel really incredibly bad about it. Through my entire time there I've rarely asked for time off for social occasions, unlike my colleagues, I like to keep days because sometimes we get sick. I'd rather that be the only reason that I don't work. In any case they've been quite angry with me so I suggested that they let me go without any ill-feeling from my end. That seems to have been more trouble than anything else. I just wanted them to do the right thing for themselves without having to feel guilty. It's troublesome when you begin to have an emotional attachment to your employers and begin to do things to help them or protect them that are out of the norm. Really it should be a direct relationship with specific protocols, but when you work close quarters it's quite hard to maintain.
In any case I'm hoping desperately that tomorrow will still be a good day and that we make a few mums happy with a Sunday breakfast she doesn't have to cook!
Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers for tomorrow!

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