Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bath Toys

Thank you to Bebe Online for giving us these Boon Designer Bath Toys and Scrubbies to road test.
They are crazy fun! Wolf adores them. Yes I'm aware that that brown coloured shape in the bath looks
like a poop at first glance. But baby mums know that a baby poo in the bath wouldn't look like that anyway. It's still a fun picture.
I love these toys because they can be chewed on, they stick to the walls and little bodies and they repel mould and mildew. Wolf thinks they're brilliant. Except now he expects things to just stick on walls all the time so he spends a lot of time picking things up and pressing them against the wall then watching as they fall on the floor. Sigh. Learning. It's all learning.
He's getting a bit big for the little bath tub though. Time to get the big bath tub re-finished!

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