Monday, April 5, 2010

With Easter came some good things...

An indoor picnic of mussels in cider and bacon on Saturday. Despite cooking off all the alcohol from the cider, I still manage to feel drunk after eating a serve. My alcohol tolerance has gone from 1 to about
minus 10.

An outdoor picnic at Carlton Gardens with friends we rarely get to see on Sunday. Beautiful park, great food, lovely company.

Later Sunday night Wolf deigns to put pieces of marinated chicken in his mouth, swallows them and enjoys them. Miracle! First meat I've managed to get in that belly for weeks.

However Easter Monday has brought some other interesting complications. Wolf has some incredibly bad naps. Stupid neighbours still putting plastic bags in rubbish bin despite letters being sent out and council distributing pamphlet on correct disposal of rubbish and recycling. Josh breaks a bone in his hand. Wolf is the only one to eat lunch. I discover yet another mouse nibbling noisily on something under the fridge.

Happy Easter?
No it was. I concede, even with the bad things it was pretty good. Happy Easter!

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