Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grigons and Orr

More dining out success! On Friday we attempted it with our new Totseat from Bebe Online, which arrived just in time the day before (note to self: attempt to stop spending money here. At least try a little. Please). But as you can see from the picture way down below, Wolfgang was not enamoured of the idea of sitting around all day.

Grigons and Orr had to be one of the loveliest breakfast destinations in Melbourne. Situated on a quiet corner away from the noise of Errol street, locals must feel very lucky to call this one their own. Inside there are just three small tables nestled together amongst shelves and cabinets of interesting goods. There you have a great view of the towering shelves behind the counter, made from wooden shipping pallets and stocked with a random assortment of goods you would expect to find in a milk bar. A beautiful old fashioned glass counter houses lollies but also cakes and filled baguettes. You can even buy organic milk in glass bottles.

Outside the generous corrugated iron awning provides shade from all angles over the many large formica tables large enough to fit many people and prams. Cute factor was heightened by water served in vintage milk bottles with strawberries and their leaves inside.

For once we ventured out with no back-up lunch for Wolf, just hoping we'd find something on the menu that he'd like (trying to treat him like a proper little person). He had house-made crumpets with butter, half the toast from my Shakshuka (eggs baked in a spicy tomato sauce pictured above) and bits of bacon, capsicum and cornbread from his dad's breakfast.

Despite there being only two service staff manning the counter and indoor and outdoor tables, service was efficient, attentive and very generous (considering the kind of mess and noise Wolf tends to make).
If you live in North Melbourne, you are very lucky! This place is a gem.

Grigons and Orr
Corner Queensberry Street and Chetwynd Street
North Melbourne
9663 5192

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