Thursday, April 22, 2010


It's very strange but my boobs appear to have gone back to pre-pregnancy size. Is that normal? I still breast feed Wolf three times a day, and yet they don't look terribly big anymore. It's quite sudden. My bras did used to fit. Weird.

On a funnier note the other day I was walking past Footscray City High School with Wolf in the stroller after a lovely mothers group picnic. It was end of school and I walked past a large group of teenage girls sitting in the shade of an outbuilding. It was a very hot day. One girl turned around and said 'Do you have any water?', I said no (I drank it all) and kept walking. I was a few metres down the street when she called out 'How about milk? Do you have any milk?'.
Cheeky girl. I cracked up so much and was laughing all the way back to our building.
They sure make teenagers very cheeky these days. I was impressed with her guts.


  1. he he, that comment was cute, I'm glad you saw the funny side! and yes it's ok that your boobs are back to normal, they've just got the whole milk production thingy under control. Lucky you! I wish mine would lol.

  2. It's quite scary! I thought they would never go back to normal.
    But now I need a million new bras...
    Someone find me an online Hot Milk sale!



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