Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Maternity Fashion! Too Late

I so wish I had found this site when I was pregnant. Especially with the Aussie dollar totally murdering Asian currencies, cute Asian maternity fashion would be too good to pass up. Yes Style stock various Asian fashion brands, but also have a pretty great maternity section. They're a division of Yes Asia, where you can buy Asian music and dvds. Look at this dress. It's gorgeous! Locally you'd pay about $200 for something as nice. It's only $72!

They do free express shipping to Australia. Seriously check this out if you are with child. Almost worth having another one now. Should I stock up now?
Clearly I am very retail therapy starved if I am considering that. My most recent fashion achievement was being able to purchase a pair of skinny jeans that fit and I look all right in them.  I think I'll just console myself with a stockpile of beanies. I can't believe how many beanies they have in stock. It's kind of creepy.

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