Thursday, March 4, 2010

Best Ever Pizza Dough

Yoghurt dough
500g plain flour
4 tea spoons baking powder
450g plain yoghurt
Pinch of salt

1. Add yoghurt to large mixing bowl
2. Sift flour and baking powder over yoghurt
3. Gently mix with hands until slightly lumpy slighty sticky dough forms
4. Cover surface with flour, knead dough gently, form a ball
5. Place dough ball in lightly floured bowl, cover, keep in warm place for 1/2 hour
6. Cut dough into six pieces
7. Heat griddle pan or hot plate and lightly brush with oil
8. Roll a piece of dough into a flat round, roughly 3mm in thickness. No need to be too precise. Only roll out each round before you are about it cook it, because this is a rapidly shrinking dough.
9. Place dough round on griddle pan/hot plate. Bubbles will rise on the surface. Should onto need 2-3 minutes on each side. Surface should be slightly golden with charry bits. 
10. Cover pizza base with desired toppings and cook in oven or under griller until toppings are cooked
and base is crispy.

Actually the pizza base can be eaten after it has been cooked in the griddle pan or hot plate. It's like a really nice, soft flatbread. It gets wonderfully crispy following it's turn in the oven though. Because the dough is made with yoghurt, the living culture acts as the raising agent; there's no need for yeast. 
Josh reckons this dough tastes a lot like damper, but softer and somehow more flavoursome.
This would be awesome to cook outdoors on a barbeque!
Last night we topped ours with some roasted zucchini and mozzarella, onion confit and mozzarella and the good old tomato, basil and mozzarella combination. It's really an excuse to eat a lot of bread and cheese. Admittedly the pizzas in the picture could have been cooked longer, to brown the mozzarella, but we were far too hungry.
It's a baby safe recipe too. Wolf is going to have some of the leftovers for lunch today.


  1. i'm gonna try to make this on sunday!

  2. Do it! It's really quite fun with a fairly impressive result.
    The bread is really tasty on its own. It actually tastes quite a bit like the bread they give you with beetroot and fetta dip at Little Creatures

  3. yes i think the bread was definitely the best bit about the pizza.

    in future - maybe with olive oil and rosemary,
    thanks for the recipe!

    i will recipe swap you

  4. Awesome. Something sweet?
    After your cookie baking at that last party I was at (possibly the last party for the rest of my life) I will always associate you with sweet baked goods.

  5. I hope you and Louis had a nice dinner!

  6. The bread is gorgeous, my 10 month old had his with a little marscapone cheese and figs and banana.

    His parents had it later on with slow roasted lamb shoulder, tomato and lettuce!

  7. Yum! Good idea Kylie. That would be so good with roasted lamb. I think I might do that next week too!



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