Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wolf's First Birthday Party

lf's actual birthday isn't until June 17, this coming Thursday. But we chose this family friendly long-weekend Sunday to host the kid-friendly party at Daydreamers Indoor Play Centre in Windsor. A bit of a hike from Footscray but mere minutes away from where we used to live in Prahran. I have to say it was a place very much well worth the trip and an absolute dream for a first birthday party. But more on parties at Daydreamers later this week (I have work tomorrow and I'm so tired from today...).

Two old friends meet again after a long time! It's been months since we've seen Joshua. He's so big!

The kids from Mothers Group playing together. Wolf hogs the ball!

The nicely decorated table. Everyone tucking into the food. Um...that's just the kid's food. The adult food is on another table. All the grown ups ate well with a seafood platter and a mini bagel and baguette platter. Coffee on tap. It's necessary for this level of fun and exuberance.

More eating and party guests. You can't see from this picture but we're sitting under this massive blow-up marquee like the top bit of a jumping castle. It's quite cool but also the reason it's a little bit dark! Kids ate fresh fruit, vegemite sandwiches, sausage rolls and veggie sticks.
It was awesome to finally meet everyone's partners and see how all the resemblance worked in the babies' faces. A reasonably relaxing time for parents.

Singing happy birthday. Wolf has no idea what's going on. Neither do I really. I'm burying my face in his shoulder because I'm so proud, excited but also nervous.

I love seeing friends from different times and places meeting each other and talking. As I attempt to pull Wolf away from the camera, I see Rachel and Steph talking and it's so lovely!

Wolf gets excited about the decorations. After this picture he will try and eat the streamers.

Wolf had a taste of his own birthday cake. Admittedly he and I ate a lot of off cuts and test cupcakes the day before. It was a carrot cake with cream cheese icing. I don't often make carrot cake or cream cheese icing, but both turned out nicely to my relief. It was a very baby friendly recipe and one great for first birthdays.

Lovely Rachel and a party blower mesmerise Beth. I tried to teach Wolf how to use one of those but he mostly chewed on the end. It would have been a good way to practice teaching him how to blow out candles. Or set the end of the blower on fire.

Our friends gave Wolf some really lovely birthday gifts. Exactly the sort of thing we needed and wanted for him. Great friends!

From Sienna, Jasmine and Ivan, three lovely board books. We didn't have these ones yet! I'm excited to read them to him.

Cool Brio racing car and walking Turtle from Marea, Linda and Juan. I adore wooden toys for Wolf; they last longer, look better and feel more solid. These are so awesome. Wolf is gonna love them.

A cute toy mobile phone from Joshua and Masako. This might prevent Wolf reaching for my Iphone.

Gorgeous double breasted fleecy jacket and lined cargo pants from Beth, Rachel and Christ. Perfect for this weather and exactly what we need.

Adorable sweater from Charlie, Grace, Steph and Andrew. This is so cute. Wolf will look just like his dad. I love this preppy boyish stuff for Wolf. It makes him look so grown up. And he is!

I love this long-sleeve grow suit from Greta, Rachel and Leigh! Super soft, lovely colour and cute animal print. We need more long sleeves for sure!

Thanks everyone for a wonderful day and the fantastic gifts for Wolf. I hoped that today would not only celebrate Wolf's birthday, but also bring our whole families together to meet and to celebrate the luck of meeting each other in all circumstances, be it from a workplace, through a friend or partner or in Julie's little maternal health office. Thanks again guys!

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