Saturday, June 5, 2010


This is possibly the most beautiful ham hock I have ever purchased. It's huge! How can one not make something incredibly delicious out of this thing. It came from our favourite store at Queen Victoria Market. I can't actually remember the name of the stall, which is stupid. I just had to show you a picture of this beautiful hock! I don't think we even get one's as nice as this at work. 
Basically when you walk into the meat hall from the deli hall, turn left, going uphill and there will be a meat store selling deli products and things just a few shops up on your right. Opposite a fish shop. I know that's vague but I suppose I am quite vague...
Anyway get your hocks there. Completely superb. Stoked about dinner!


  1. mmmm fresh pea and ham soup perhaps?

  2. Definitely. An entire 1kg bag of frozen peas I think. And some mint! Currently making chicken stock. Smells cozy in here!



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