Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mothering Madness

I think I'm going to be one of those mothers who over-protects and nearly over-feeds her children. I had a bit of a panic yesterday and bought extra groceries on our market shop to prepare various lunches and dinners for Wolfgang. I've gotten a little over-excited about new foods, with Wolf already trying chicken, fish and cheese in the last week. But he seems to be enjoying them and hasn't displayed any allergies or generally unpleasant reactions. I have food to last him the next couple of months: chicken and sweet potato, chicken and potato to be combined with green vegetables later, fish and potato, zucchini tasty cheese and brown rice pasta, pure unsalted chicken consomme. Partly this sudden desperate mothering is because I start working on Sundays as well as Mondays. Two days is not much work at all. But for some reason I feel as though being away from him another day means I won't be able to stay on top of things and I should prepare food like a war is coming in case anything should happen to me. I can't seem to express enough milk to make me feel 100% comfortable leaving him, so I suppose I'm trying to make up for it with solid foods. It's quite silly I know.
Paranoia. I think the two words that best describe me would be generously paranoid or paranoid-ly generous, depending on my state of mind. On a more positive side, this cooking was inspired by gifts from my friend Rachel, one of the genius writers of the Hungry Girls Cookbook. She and her gorgeous daughter visited the other day, bringing with them half a dozen eggs from their own chickens and a huge zucchini! I have to say it's one of the nicest gifts I've received, ever! There is something so beautiful and generous in giving of something you have grown yourself. So on Friday Wolf tried his first pancakes, albeit one's made with just egg yolk, flour and milk. The egg yolks were a beautifully vibrant orange. 
Admittedly he didn't like the little pancakes much, as tasty as they were. Wolf hates warm food so he sort of shuddered when he picked one up. But he did have a good go and tore them apart. However he loved the pasta made with Rachel's zucchini. Much sweeter and less watery than store bough vegetables. Thank you Rachel!

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