Saturday, October 10, 2009

More than four walls

I don't want to look out my window and see three rastafarians smoking dope on the lawn. I don't want to hear the man downstairs yelling at one of his four sons as he chases him around with a switch in his hand. I don't want to hear hoons in their ugly, souped up commodores screaming down the street with the bass booming. I don't want to smell cigarette smoke, curry on fire, or stale beer. I don't want to share walls with people I don't know. I don't want to shop at the supermarket. I don't care about fashion, clothes, latest music, where to eat, where to drink or where to be seen.

I want a water tank, solar panels, garden full of fruits, vegetables and herbs, chickens, ducks, a goat, over-size kitchen, walk-in pantry, garage full of old bicycles and cars, tree, neighbors who don' piss me off, a lawn-mower, a clothes-line, and to be able to leave my filthy boots and umbrella outside and not have them go missing. I want weekend markets, sitting outside on the lawn, neighbors who I don't hate.
I thought I was a city girl. I would max out my credit card, spend all my pay in a day, obsess over where to eat, where to go at night. I would spend an hour getting dressed and my hair was never ever right.
Now four months mostly living within the walls of our generally lovely two bedroom apartment, I realise that I like domesticity. Feeding my son, cooking, cleaning (ok so maybe not so much the cleaning...), taking long walks through the park, growing herbs, haggling at the market, eating food that I cook. But I want more of it. I don't need the city anymore, and I don't like outer suburbia.
I want to move to the country.


  1. Hiya! I'm totally enjoying your blog. I am commenting today because we did just what you've mentioned in this post. We moved from the city to the beach, to the country (ok, semi...only just over an hour to the city) and life feels grand. My girls love it and the air is just so, so clean.

    Keep thinking positively, keep wishing and wanting and it will happen.

    :: Kiki

  2. Not saying this to make you green but I thought you would like to know we have a duck his name is Vasco. We love him. He follows us around the house by looking though the many windows we have. He does however have a nasty habit of pinching which is very painful. You should come by some time and meet our duck. A lot of what you mentioned wanting isn't just in the country. We have a lot of it but we live in Norlane.



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